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  1. Duaa Ouznali

    (As a Sag i cant agree more!!! unleashing my shower singing skills lmao)
    Also for the Pink vs Green team i think Pink team will win cuz i know a lot of Geminis and none of them work well with Pisces

  2. Livvy the lazy gamer

    4:01 YESS!! I'm a pisces and I'm really good at lying. I have 2 guy-friends, one's a scorpio and the other is a virgo. the scorpio has "spies" around the school so he knows all the drama that happens between people and tells me about it, while the virgo is really good at guessing passwords and being all sneaky n' sh*t

  3. Veryshort

    1:44 is so true like whenever I say to my grandma how I feel like because she doesn’t ever believe half of the time and always thinks she’s right so I told her how I feel and she said I’m arguing to her,does anyone else relate

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