Zodiac Signs Compilation💫♊♋♎♐♏♓♉♑♈♌♍♒ #tiktok #tiktoklemonade #zodiactiktok
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  1. The sea stars 🌟

    Yea I DON’T need help totally 💯 .

    Fact to most Capricorns: We are always the ones that ask others if they need help or understand but nobody ever asks us if we are ok (not all of my own words)

  2. Ava 😊

    Bro I feel like the first one just roasted the zodiacs. AND THE SECOND ONE. Stop bad mouthing them bro. BROOOO IM A LEO AND IM ACUALLY GOOD AT DRIVING (a bike lol BUT THAT STILL COUNTS!!!). and the zodiacs while ur sleeping. BRO I DO BACKFLIPS IN BED 😂

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