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#YOUTUBEvsTIKTOK #SocialGloves
Watch the world’s largest social media stars from YouTube go against the new icons from the explosive TikTok platform. Austin McBroom, founder of The ACE Family, will square off against TikTok star and teen idol Bryce Hall for the main event. Plus, live performances from DJ Khaled, Lil Baby, Migos and more of today’s top music artists.

YouTube VS. TikTok
social Gloves
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  1. budski

    By far the worst boxing I have ever seen lol fucking turning there heads around hugging ever 2 seconds one person cant even punch harder than a pillow freaking pathetic only fight that was good was Austin and his brotha other than that every other waste of my fucking time

  2. James Bovington

    Holder fought well Bryce got punished. Vinny proved himself a hard young boy and would be good to see him fight again. Congratulations to all as they took quite powerful punches to face and head.

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