We have a lot of people asking why they have absolutely no views on their TikTok video that they posted an hour ago. I’ve run into the same problem and am here to show you why you may have no views, what you can do to make sure there isn’t any restriction on your video, and how to ensure you start getting views on your posts.

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  1. Aster Kusener

    HowToApps. Hi. i have made my tiktok video and it got up to 222 views within about 5 days and then it stopped at 222 views and i go on to tiktok on a browser that i have never used tiktok on and i would search for my video without logging into my tiktok account and watch the video and then go onto my other browser that i have my tiktok logged onto and refresh the screen and it still says 222 views. i even wait a couple hours and do it again and it still says 222 views.

  2. Dhana's Diary

    Its been a week rdy!! I faced this issue suddenly.. before this my video all fyp n get more likes views n followers..but nw i felt something wrng wit my tiktok.. upload video in 1hour just 10viewers n 4likes..what the hell happened suddenly..i already reported to tiktok 3days rdy but till nw my pblm nvr solved.. every day upload videos still no views n likes..if got also so so less…i try all method that mentioned in this video not one time but 100 times i try rdy but still like that only…i feel so annoying 😒😣 pls any tiktok pro in cmnt section pls help give suggestion solve tis issue 😭😭😭

  3. Floppa xd

    is it just me but whenever i refresh my fyp and i open up tiktok the same vids are keep appearing non stop and i had to block them but another vid keeps appearing that’s the same I saw anyone know how to fix it

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