Is TikTok showing no views on your latest post? It’s usually because of three reasons.
You may have accidentally set your post to only me when uploading your TikTok. This will always show no views as a result. You can always change this under the video privacy setting.
Your account may also be set to private. If it is, TikTok will only show the video to people that you approve and it will most likely show zero views on the video until you approve people.
Another common issue for seeing no views on TikTok is because the video is not posted yet on TikTok. It may be under review or still processing.
You’ll just have to wait until you can see views. This may take a few minutes up to a few hours.

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  1. AnkyD444

    I had this problem and I posted a tiktok 2 days ago and no views. I viewed my profile on my second account and the video just isn’t there. So I’m still very confused as to what could be happening

  2. Smoothienation

    Tiktok algorithms have some kind of problem or glitch, just posted a video but when I search it with another tiktok on another phone shows no view even sometime views come and dissapear

  3. kaleab aklilu

    pls help, i have account a tiktok acc that i open with my email and got 4000 followers in just a week cause my videos were blowing up and suddenly i got mass reported and get ban i tried to appeal but they say they cant get unban me anymore so i have old account with my number and i upload the same viral videos in that account but i only get 0 views and when i upload new kind of videos it only get like 2 or 1 view,my question is does an account with simcard or email affect your views ?does tiktok algorithm know the device you use?am i shadow banned and for how long?

  4. rick carp

    i got live banned for hate speech only thing i said is sorry im not gay i guess tictock is not for me i just do my lives on Facebook im so disappointed in tictoc

  5. Codes Media

    Tiktok is a joke. All social media, really. Garbage gets views and I post 4K cinematic videos and it gets next to nothing lol. Quality doesn’t equal popularity. The trash gets popular. I’ll never understand social media.

  6. Food Design Thinking

    neither one applied to my case! Most of my videos have 50 to 100 views but quite a few have 1 or 2 and those are from “friends”. after a month i haven’t seen any growth.. Any ideas? thank you for any suggestions 😕

  7. Sarah Fowler

    So should you just wait it out if the tiktok is processing? Like is there a point where I should take it down and try again? I saw some people say around 48 hours, but it's weird because I have uploaded plenty with no issue.

  8. Sher

    I unprivate my acc but still got no views. I tried to see whats wrong but nothing. I also cant let others duet or stitch, and when i turn on my comments to "everyone". No one comments, but only I can. My videos isnt getting to anybody's fyp.

  9. Savnaut

    But the thing is, it’s none of those issues, I posted a tiktok with celebrity faces and it got 20,800 views but for some reason when I post my own face it doesn’t process

  10. LeeLee

    Can anybody tell me why I can't see the total amount of people when I'm in somebody else's life like the total people in the room usually it's at the top right hand corner, I think it's top viewers?

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