Hi Y’all in todays video I talk about all of my problems with Tik Tok and the concerns I have for the teens on the platform.

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  1. Ellja

    Tik tok made me discovering a new insecurity every week
    I got insecure about my nose, my hair colour etc…
    And i'm fucking 20 (almost 21)
    I feel so bad for people who are still in puberty and habe to grow up with these insane body images

  2. Ala Alfa

    You talk about Tik Tok Being from China…. yet as Tristan Harris said China doesn't allow teenagers to use Tik Tok. They allow them to watch it only 40 minutes a day and only the meaningful content about museums arts etc.

  3. Robbie Fazle

    Bruh, this site is filled with so many prostitute women posing dancing naked on camera, rude kids, bullies, trolls and stalkers and sociopaths everywhere. It's like hard finding decent people on there, except me.

  4. 80nn13

    You are totally right they should call it tick toxic.

    I'm saying this totally honestly.. bro don't be so down on your looks. You are not only a good looking guy you got a mind to match… and you have attributes that stand out where you don't look like other dudes. My fiancee used to be all ripped n fit and was like the epitome of handsome filipino men… he tried to hot on me and I was not interested. (I had a crush on highschool him before he glowed up) However after he aged and had kids and those muscles n stuff moulded into a mild version dad bod… he vaguely n without that confidence he had in his "chad" phase hinted interest and I tell u what I snatched the man up. The connection is undeniable between us.

    You will find a partner with all the right wants and needs if u haven't already. Not everyone wants those ppl who r societies idea of attractive… bc to me those types are a dime a dozen n have nothing unique to offer … thats why they mould their outside body. The real dreamy ppl mould their mind and mould their souls…

    You are outside beautiful and inside beautiful. Please don't change.

    Ps I never seen your videos before n just came across you. I promise I'm not a creepy old lady stalking you.

    Best wishes! I hope maybe something I've said has helped you

  5. A21-EDITS

    I just don't understand why parents would let there kids do this dumb crap on TikTok. Like I learned about this one tiktoker named Bianca Spano and she is only 17 years old and she has 1.0million followers. And it is disgusting that guys in there 20s hang out with her and she harassed a old man asking "would you smash me" and she was 16 in that. Like how could there parents not see this! And now she's a model. At 17! What is wrong with parents

  6. chockitkat

    My problem about Tiktok is about how it's hurting minors and it has a powerful algorithm. While Twitter and Instagram can affect teens, at least the content is still decent and you can actually still take time off the app (which I did and my mental health got better) Tiktok, however, exposes you to all the toxic and sexualized content, it really bothers me. And Tiktok is a really bad platform for news as well because of how biased it can be

  7. haters gotta hate, we just gotta slay 💅🔪

    Met some s*xists yesterday saying how there is no sigma female, I got in an argument with them and they were saying how sigmas don't care that much and this proves that I'm a beta, which is completely not true (that sigmas don't care) I understand if it was something small but a whole video hating on women, how could I not care? They came to my profile watching my videos and started saying how my videos are dumb and that I'm a beta woman 🗿🗿🗿🗿 which is not an insult btw, just sayin' and then I decided to delete tik tok. I decided to delete it for 1 or 2 days, but now that I think of how much it harmed me, it may be good to never install it again.

  8. Echo Echo

    Pretty people doing nothing doesn't make me feel insecure because they're often laughably cringe and though it may not always be true irl, their boring content projects to the world that that's all they have–a pretty face–and all they can do is make ridiculous expressions, pose, or perform any basic talent that millions of others can do (and most better), so it's a bit reassuring that these pretty people who are often too full of themselves are very far from perfect despite them seeming as if they are the most perfect being in their universe.

    Now, if they're pretty, talented, witty, smart, well-spoken, graceful, and philantrophic–then i'd be kinda insecure, but i'd also be glad that such near-perfect good people exists and would welcome more of them.

  9. vilhelm vilhelm

    It's quite frightening when a famous person can start a trend and thousands of people will spread it like minions. Imagine what horrible things could happen. I am going to call this the TikTok Syndrome.

  10. LJ

    I've quit tik tok, two days without it and I feel so great. I feel refreshed. I got made fun of and legit just targeted all the time on it. It's toxic, anyways I'm distracting myself by doing vr and it's going well. I'm 13 BTW, and the amount of times I've heard "edgy" "quirky" "I'm 13 and this is deep" is so annoying. Just because we're teens doesn't mean we don't have feelings or opinions. And the racism and homophobia it's just mad

  11. Oluchi

    Why people are mean on tik-tok
    1 they hate their own lives
    2 they want attention
    3 have famliy problems
    4 have insecurities
    5 nothing better to do
    6 jealousy
    7 they just like it
    8 or had a bad past

    if your constantly being mean on tik-tok take this to heart everyone and i mean everyone is a very special creation with their own unique and distinctive features and gifts from their past you may think you're ugly but reality you're not like someone said everyone is not ugly we have a judgmental society the more we think about it , there could be more kindness than there was before .people listen to me turn of your social life and be with famliy stop being cruel because you are jealous no one told you to get on tik-tok to begin with ,you did you can control your limt and love everyone.it's sad that teens have bad influences. these people who have nothing better to do and insult people; get a life go spend time with family or study with friends or by yourself understand that we are the future we can change the world and future generations to come . send this to anyone go in peace 💗

  12. leah

    people don’t understand digital foot print exists, if you post something offensive or something sexual as a minor. people can send it to your parents or school especially if it’s endangering yourself of others

  13. Macadamia Nate

    I find that tiktok breeds the most problematic ideals onto the youth within any "community". Seriously.

    From the LGBTQ community, young people will throw around slurs, gatekeep, anti-straight/cis rhetoric around, acting like it's "justified".
    In the BLM and Racial community, young folks will throw around racial slurs and defend their flawed behaviors saying it's "revenge".
    Hypehouses who are mostly youth based will gaslight others and discriminate those that don't harbour the same ideals, yet don't bat an eye on their actions that are pretty much borderline facist.

    Usually the older generations in many communities actually learn a thing or two about racism, discrimination, and lunacy. Usually.
    Teens on the otherhand on that app receive very little backlash for displaying these behaviors.

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