TikTok is the logical extreme of audio visual social media, even beyond the existing platforms which are acknowledged (from their founders and creators) to be harmful to youth, and society.

TikTok is rife with scammers, predators, and harmful trends that make a mockery of the worlds worst tragedies. These are but a few reasons why I hate the platform.


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  1. SimplyRealistc 123

    I’ve seen some stupid stuff on the internet in my time.
    But exploiting the tragedies that combined took the lives of 6M+ people, is just over the line.
    I’m not American, nor do I know or have a family member who knew a victim of the Holocaust. But this just pisses me off.

  2. ǫ🝃𝔼ᏒṰҰ

    One reason TikTok sucks is it’s moderation.
    Here’s some stuff they allowed:
    Tigress r34
    A beheading video
    More r34.
    Now some things that can get you banned:
    Saying the word “kill”, “die”, etc.
    Saying you don’t support lgbtq
    And a lot more stuff

  3. XKaissidy

    am i the only one who doesnt have the same tiktok as yall or also im def getting hate because people cant stand that

    its boring to see people always complaining about tiktok never seeing the good side "they use that or this song!!" isnt that literally the point of tiktok? so why are you mad that they are "ruining songs" no they arent, most likely most of you dont have tiktok, so you dont actually know, like me my tiktoks arent stupid gen z doing stupid trends, or "ruining songs", none of you look into the good side of it and thats why. if you dont want seeing them then just search something on the search bar? like i wanted alot of splatoon stuff on my fyp and now my fyp is all splatoon related, if you dont want those braindead just change your fyp with the searchbar. and No, we dont ruin songs, we use them for cosplay videos, bg sound, and not braindead content.

    and for the challenges? not my problem, they shouldnt have done it, they probably dont even know the mraning of it

    so we dont shar the same tiktok,
    we dont ruin songs
    we are not braindead, because i dont spend 24 hours scrolling on a screen lmao

    reading the comments more about how addicting it is, the only tip i have is when you watch it for the first time dont get so addicted quickly, get long breaks

  4. Scott Allin Fit

    I can't stand the cluster f of sounds coming from someone mindlessly scrolling through tik tok every 2 seconds. Gives me a headache. People always consuming noisy content with their phone speakers with no regard to people around them

  5. Isaiah Elgin

    Like the few existing non stupid people I also hate tik tok for my own reason. It creates these people who act unique and call themselves that but yet they dress the same, talk the same, have the same hair and personality of every other tik toker. Tik tok is just making an army of hive minded zombie teens.

  6. Life style

    I deleted the app. I had too.. while there are some incredibly funny creatures on that app there are also a shit load of cry babies and people who try so hard to prove a point. The gentle parents annoy me the most. Most of them don’t even have kids! You’re not a bad parent because you yelled at your kids. And the ones who exploit their kids are the biggest hypocrites.

  7. F3reg

    my colleagues are constantly watching tiktok in full volume, and I'm annoyed by the tiktok's stupid sounds, I'm going to go crazy with the idiotic tiktok sounds

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