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  1. Moonlight_cloud

    the amount of blatant discrimination, gossip and downright bullying. it amazes me how bullying is so blatant in the corporate world (especially if you’re young and new), i’ve gotten so much shit at my first job because I was so happy to work and was so motivated.
    and if you react or say something very peacefully to defend yourself they will act shocked and like you’re re the imposter amidst the group.
    it’s truly worse than high school, it’s all there but the scary thing is no one acknowledges it or talks about it bcs they’re afraid they might lose their job.

  2. Liz Bee

    Be prepared to have your boss and their boss cc'd on every fucking email. And also up from that. I had a guy cc a vp on an email bc I hadn't replied within an hour. Supposedly the email they were complaining about was from 8/9. I replied 8/10. The vp didn't see my reply bc I took them off bc like what psycho adds someone that high up over a follow up email, and I'm still mad. People really will do the most

  3. ImJ1m1n2D4y

    OMG the ACCURACY of the "pick me corporate" person and the Teams call sound…I still get anxious anytime someones like "can we talk for a minute?" and proceeds to Teams call me….and I'm dealing with a pick me corporate girl right now…sticks her fingers in everyone's pie, has to be involved in every conversation, narcissistic af, and complains she's underpaid yet overworked when she literally has NO work to do compared to the rest of the employees on her level….Tauts (?) herself as a diversity champion and "wants everyone to feel comfortable and accepted" yet so two faced….likes to volun-tell people to do something and then takes credit for the work she had someone else do without saying she had that person do it…fingers crossed for the day she's gone!!

  4. pistachio

    I tried calling in sick before work but the person above me didnt allow it because i wasnt reasonable.
    I began throwing up in the middle of working.
    I asked if I could take the rest of the day off because I felt it in my guts I was just gonna get worse.
    The one above my supervisor spoke to me and insisted that I wasn't allowed to because we were all stumped with work and we had to get it all done.
    I tried convincing them hard but nope.
    So i asked if I could take my lunch break 3 hours earlier because i started feeling chills and sweating. Andd I threw up more frequently.
    I basically crawled back to me desk after that break that i basically begged for.

    They never let me off. So when I just couldnt take it anymore 2 hours before I got off work, I just up and left then. I couldn't handle myself anymore and I was so lethargic from throwing up absolutely nothing by then because I've emptied my stomach already.

    Turned out I wasn't the only one who got severely sick that week.
    We were all overworked. Some of us got sick from severe stress, one of us had a problem with staring at the monitor for sooo long his migraine pain spread into his limbs as well, the rest of us simply dropped our immune system from literally having little to no sleep daily.

    Thank god that head got chopped off and all of us got to stay. They hired more people to ease the heavy workload and that helped a ton and we all got to work happier.

    Except for the drama. My god felt like I was back in high school

  5. rebecca Hull

    Having to give performance reviews to gen z who then try to tell HR you're bullying them because they need to get their numbers up. Cuz yeah it's my fault you surf the web and not do your reports.

  6. Cantetinza17

    I know a nonprofit pick me.
    For the lady with the issue of ADA, my job just asks for a Dr.'s not confirming it. No matter where you work their is always politics. The question is how long will you be apart of it.

  7. Nashoba Nashoba

    I was not prepared for the overt racism, undervaluing of time, forced participation in office activities AFTER scheduled work time.
    I wasn’t prepared for their far reaching attempts to control activities outside of work.
    Comcast a multibillion dollar company actually has it’s employees from the top down to the bottom sign a forced arbitration, also a code and conduct book that states among other things you cannot hold any official office outside of work without their permission.
    The amount of people who signed it was astonishing nobody read it but me and of course I didn’t sign it.
    I wasn’t prepared for the lack of a Union and the discouragement and bullying so that employees wouldn’t unionize.
    I was not prepared for the corporate belief that you are only a “good” employee if you have no life other then your job.
    I wasn’t prepared for the belief that women with children make the worst employees because we put our children as a priority over the job.

  8. HalesRerouted

    I worked for a mid size insurance company for 4 years and it was bought out by a major corporation. I left shortly after I realized that the culture and “compensation” for both of these corporations I worked for was absolute bs. I was approached by another major corporation that is one of the best places to work in the US and it absolutely shows. Amazing work culture, compensation and growth opportunities. I’m remote and visited my team for the first time in office last week and legitimately had culture shock by how genuinely happy people were.

  9. K R

    This is why I hate having autism. I'm an easy target for bullying and not getting promoted if Im even able to keep the job. I don't get in trouble, I just never fit in. I got fired once for "not being enthusiastic enough".

  10. artemis1031

    How HR only cares about the rep of the company. They dont care about sexual harassment, someone breaking into ur locker, or whether or not ur supervisor lets you take your break. Report a senior worker or higher up, you will be the one getting cut.

  11. KaRessa Sherrod

    The one talking about the Americans with disability act; girl that's everywhere. Even if you do show it externally. I got treated like absolute garbage from a damn gas station of all places. They might have these disclaimers but they don't have to accommodate for you; especially in some states you'll just be fired and there's nothing you can do. They can tell them anything and there goes your unemployment and rehire.

  12. Rose Q

    The bullying…HR knows about it…but it’s also relative to growing up in school. Teachers and administrators know about it too, but won’t do anything until the person takes matters into their own hands…..then everyone has Pikachu face when it’s on the news. Same cycle….different phase of life

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