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  1. Rose Blossom

    For me, it was reinstalling Kik. I was going through a bad breakup at the time and I decided to reinstall Kik and talk to my old friends on there, who I haven't spoken to in over a year at that point, and reconnect with my 1st ex (we broke up on good terms, however, he was dealing with a lot of mental problems and I wanted to see how he was doing.) I never got to speak to him again (he deleted his Kik account), however, I did reconnect with 2 of my old friends. 1 of my old friends added me to a huge GC with a bunch of other people she knew, including this very sweet dude that everyone liked. I started crushing on him and eventually worked up the courage to talk to them, which lead to us doing a huge roleplay (which we did every single day and night). A year later, we started dating and our 6th year anniversary is later this month <3

  2. Gabriella

    I dated a guy for a week but I was a prostitute and my roommates were making meth in my apartment at when I was 18, just after getting out of foster care. I was ditched at the mall in the middle of the night by my roommates and called everyone to help but nobody could. I called the guy I dated for a week and he was there in 15 mins and let me stay with him. 9 years later we own a house on 16 acres worth well over 1 million with out 3-year-old and I'm only 27

  3. Alexis Thwing

    In summer of 2021 I was struggling with depression. One day I was contemplating taking a nap in order to avoid my life. But I for some reason felt compelled to get online and see if I could find a site to just chat with someone. Not anyone in particular, just have a conversation with someone random. Not thinking anything would come of it, I got on a site. I was messaged by a random guy and we started talking. Turned out we had a lot in common and we started connecting. We decide to exchange numbers. We talked the next day. And the next. And we kept talking for weeks. Until one day we confess feelings for each other. A little over a year later and here I am living with him in a different state, with an amazing life together, very much in love, and we are about to celebrate our one year anniversary. I am the happiest I can remember being and every day I know getting online and having a conversation with him that day saved me.

  4. GemGen 101

    Storyboard artist was first to share what THEY did that WASNT about a male or “fate” since those woman MADE fate happen, fate didn’t just happen to them.
    Loved all the insight from everyone

  5. anrianri anri

    so back in 2017 i was in an ldr with my boyfriend, several states away. i worked in a place where the schedule was decided by my boss monthly, and had plans to go out to reno in july for 10 days. i requested those days off ahead of time, but i get my june calendar and she had me down for 10 days off then. i pointed this out to her and she fixed it but i still had 10 days off in june to burn. so i joke about going out to visit my boyfriend for those days, and not long after this his mom buys me plane tickets to fly out and meet him. it ended up being the best 10 days of my life, i felt so comfortable meeting him in person, and after i went home, i felt so empty. we went to reno in july, and i asked his family if i could move in with them. come august i pick up everything and come out to live with them. i've been here for 5 years now and i have a different job, i love my boyfriend, we have a future planned together and i'm actually so happy it's insane. all because of a little scheduling error (and my boyfriend's mom who wanted her son to be happy). what are the odds?

  6. Amilia Mila

    Dear father who art in heaven ✝️♥️as we go on today please be with us please send angel's to protect and bless our family and friends keep us safe
    Heal our broken harts and be with us 🌻 please send angel's to protect and bless our family and friends
    Please Lead everyone closer to u father we pray over all things that is not like I all addictions all bad Habets all thing
    In Jesus mighty name amen

  7. Pia Schlömer

    wowi all these stories (if they are not fake) are great, it sounds like there are people out there who had luck with their decisions
    I made a lot of "unimportant" stupid bad decisions in my life but also get a stupid unimportant bad changes back-so here we are after all watching these videos

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