Hello Beauty Babes welcome or welcome back to my channel in todays video I’ll be showing you how I take off my nails at home using this hack I saw on TikTok disclaimer I’m not a professional this is just me trying this out❤️

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  1. Imane HOSNI

    Thank you so much, i glued fake nails with a strong glue yesterday and i couldn't take them off this morning no matter what I did. Until I followed your method, very warm water, cooking oil and dish soap, i had to re make the mixture 2 times because it cooled down, and i pushed them with one of the nail tools set.

  2. Talia Coletta

    Really hoping that will work for me because what are used to do as a teenager I used to rip them off my nails yeah I regret that my whole life now but since you showed a star that looks really cool idea so I think I’m gonna try doing that it’s like onetothree so hopefully everything goes well !

  3. The Robeson Residence

    I had to try this method and it definitely works! I do just want to say that I had a really bad install and it took be about 45 minutes to remove mine and I had them for a little over 2 weeks (usually would take about 2-3 hours with just an acetone soak). Pain was about a 2 out 10 but again I had a pretty bad install. Thanks for the video!!

  4. Sanja S

    I kept it for 15 minutes in dish sope warm water cooking oil and little bit of nail polish removal and it worked but it hurt when removing them should have kept them a little longer but i didn't have time …but it works😁

  5. Charavari Fine

    OMGGGGGGGG!!! I NEVER comment lol but had to come and say THANK YOU BC THIS SHIT WORKED! Had one stubborn acrylic thumb nail left that would not budge. I did want to keep it in one piece to wear later maybe. I did hot water, dawn dish soap and olive oil. Soak time 30 mins and boom, it's off! Ty!!!!!

  6. savanna jones

    Im going to try this out, I did my own set four days ago but im already wanting to do a different set 😅 so im gonna try, I have olive oil though so I'll try that and see how it works

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