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This Videos Is about TikTok Cringe Compilation😍🥰

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Love TikTok Cringe Compilation video? Enjoy this TikTok Cringe video compilations that are relatable. This TikTok Cringe Compilation video is made for TikTok Cringe lovers💖💖💖💖💖. Enjoy and Stay with us.

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  1. We're not home.

    Why are people so fixated on the race of a mythological character..? Its so easy to just not watch the movie but people want to complain about how its "impossible" to have a Black mermaid. There's folklore that has Black mermaids, so why can't she be Black, or Asian, or even look completely different than how she was drawn. Just don't watch it if you're too sensitive to imagine Ariel as a Black mermaid.

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