I tried becoming tik tok famous in a week… and this is what happened.

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If you’re reading this before the end of the video, comment how many tik tok followers you think I got in a week…

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  1. Magma4

    1. The truth is people recognize his face and followed him.

    2. He paid to get followers – common.

    3. Try posting the same thing that he did – 3 times a day and see if you can get 10,000 in 1 week.

    Seriously people don’t just believe what people say.

    Just because someone said that the Earth is flat don’t just start waking around saying it is.
    Get your facts do your homework. And everyone just believe what he says 🤦‍♀️

  2. Erik Dao

    Impressive and well-deserved! I like the fact that you were focusing on the substances of your videos, and you have lots of stories to tell in though videos. It's created a relief for me from the billion junk things on Tiktok 😉

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