A certain viral condiment on TikTok, the Pink Sauce, has exposed the dangerous sacrifice that comes with individuals entering the food business, and that’s consumer safety. But is the backlash against TikTok’s notorious Pink sauce warranted?

From seemingly unsafe contents to rumors of alleged hospitalizations, are social media users throwing a small business under the bus for clout?

In a story that has the internet baffled, and a creator scrambling to provide answers, is a happy ending still possible?

Let’s uncover the truth behind the TikTok’s viral Pink Sauce.


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  1. My Reisig75

    I'm not sure if it was everywhere, but there was a popular fast-food restaurant in the PNW (OR & WA states) during the 80's named "Arctic Circle." They were all over the PNW and they had 2 items specific to their restaurants that they were known for –
    #1 lime ricky – a grape & lime flavored fountain drink
    #2 – PINK SAUCE – for the few locations that are still around the name of the sauce has changed to "Fry Sauce," it was NOT pepto bismal wintermint pink it was a light orangey-pink and it tasted like thousand island dressing & you could make it by mixing ketchup & mayo. The description of sweet-savory ranch is close to the way I'd describe it so ir makes me think that its the same thing with added coloring. And since mayo easily spoils & has the occasional issue of salmonella due to the raw eggs – I think this is possibly the entire problem.

  2. cakiie

    i do like have its pink cause pink is my fav color.. but the sauce it self 😧
    and the fact that she doesnt know what FDA means is not a good sign at all.

  3. Austyn

    Recently she has repackaged her Pink Sauce and it has become less pink, being more beige than pink. I think this means her original version could be toxic

  4. Leishla S.

    No one really liked it, look at them scrunching their noses saying they liked it. I really feel for her because she really tried but went out too soon. A Chef should know what FDA stands for tho.

  5. TheCobraKing TEM

    There are so many points of “Chef” Pii’s that are either contradictory or flat out incorrect. Human safety SHOULD NOT BE AN AREA TO CUT CORNERS especially with cuts this deep into the corners

  6. olliebear blu

    The fact that this woman doesn't know basic food safety and science is beyond concerning. She shipped milk, eggs, and HONEY in a hot box, across country, with no preservatives or refrigeration is mind blowing. The eggs and milk are nasty and can get people sick, but the honey being shipped like that can pose a lethal threat. That lethal threat is botulism. When honey heats above the temperature it is consumable at, there is a moderate to high risk of botulism developing. It is also the most common cause of botulism cases. Botulism needs to be treated quickly, or someone can go into a temporary paralysis. Some do not know they even have botulism before temporary paralysis sets in. If it is a serious case (honey has developed a good amount of botulism, the shipping environment of Pink Sauce is a breeding ground for a very bad case of botulism) it can cause breathing failure and said person must be sent to the ICU and hooked up to a ventilator.

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