So this workout originally was going to be just a club bangers dance party but I noticed most of the songs I started picking blew up on Tik Tok!!! SO there you have it Tik Tok Club Bangers!

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This workout is beginner friendly as all the exercises are standing workout form, the moves are low impact, and you can even do this entire workout in a small space!

To make this workout apartment friendly, all you have to do is take out the extra “bounce” or “jump” from my movements and stay light on your toes.
If any of the exercises are too fast, slow it down or dance it out on your own!

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0:00 Welcome to your Tik Tok Dance Party
1:30 The Business – Tiesto
4:10 Savage – Major Lazer Remix
8:36 Who’s That Chick – David Guetta (feat. Rihanna)
11:55 In Da Getto – J Balvin, Skrillex

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  1. Get Phit with PG

    I started this workout two days ago. Had to do it twice each day, because of how much I enjoyed it. The last song is the BOMB!! Just finished doing it today and I am dripping wet. Been doing growwithjo workout for a while now and I have shed pounds. Thinking about sharing videos about my progress so everyone can see how good her workouts are.

  2. Jaymee Mantle

    I can’t help but look at the pupper in the bed giving secret side eye 😂 these are the first workout videos I’ve wanted to do in a loooong time. Fun and great music, easy to follow, no talking and next move in advance. Thank you ❤

  3. Jen G

    personally, growwithjo is my absolute FAVORITE when it comes to working out. I used to wonder how people could smile while working out, but now I smile even before I do Jo’s workouts because the energy and motivation I get from her are amazing 🤩

  4. Rissa _

    She’s the best! I just started trying to get healthier and I hate gyms so I looked on YouTube for some good videos and she popped up. I absolutely love her dance parties and the fact that she shows the next moves. Honestly she motivates me to get moving 😁

  5. Marcelina Juarez

    I’m starting my weight loss journey and sometimes workouts can be hard to follow but yours is fun and simple and I love how you put what’s coming up next so it doesn’t throw me off I tend to quit easy if I can’t follow correctly. I will be doing one or even the same workouts that you do everyday I was sweating like crazy and I didn’t have to go crazy hard to do it so thank you.

  6. Josh Miller

    I feel so happy and amazing after this workout ❤ thank you Jo!! It’s been hard to workout with my depression lately but you are inspiring me to do it and I’m feeling so much better. Much love to Jo and everyone out there doing these workouts with me!!

  7. Niguy Sings

    Day 3 was a lot of walking outside. Day 4 here with this amazing workout ! Almost forgot that I was exercising ! All thoses songs are Bangers, they're just as you are : INCREDIBLE ❤️ My daughter was dancing all along the video 😂 Thank you from the both of us ! ❤️

  8. Nafziger Family Adventures

    So good! Had to pause 9 1/2 minutes through for a breather but came back and finished it. Loved your outfit (not crazy revealing/felt comfortable playing it in my family living room) and was such a fun GOOD workout! Thank you! Gained a subscriber 🎉

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