In this video, I’m going to share how the TikTok algorithm works and 4 TikTok algorithm hacks so you can grow on TikTok. These are the new TikTok algorithm hacks that will help you to reach more. I explained every possible way to make it easy for you to grasp. You must know this TikTok algorithm’s secrets. The reason why people get disappointed about their low tiktok video views and if their tiktok account isn’t growing is that they don’t understand the newest tiktok algorithm and how the tiktok algorithm works that I’m going to share in this video. And failing to make these changes will mean the tiktok algorithm is working against you, and it makes it nearly impossible to grow on tiktok.

Hi there, Melissa Laurie. Before I share the 4 tiktok algorithm hacks, I want to explain the tiktok algorithm and how the tiktok algorithm works.

The main goal of tiktok to attract people to the platform and keep them on the tiktok platform. When you post a tiktok video. The tiktok algorithm works by showing your video to a small group of people.

Most brands struggle with social media 😫

And worst of all…

When you post content that gets low engagement – it reflects poorly on your brand, your followers become disengaged and you lose leads.

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  1. Sam Heedy

    Main points mentioned in the video:
    1. Add keywords to your video.
    2. Do not forget to add a Call to action at the start of the video.
    3. Ask some questions in your TikTok comments section.
    4. Use consistent hashtags.

  2. Andy Coleman

    but i am going to check them at the end of the year then start to interact. I was basically seeing what some of the videos that I posted would do. i want to first build a foundation of something first

  3. Andy Coleman

    Let’s see the reason why I don’t get on there and check my views and interact with others and follow others or look at the lights is because I don’t want it messing with what I want to do or two cause negative impact on my posting. at the end of the day i want to be able to relax and think too much about tiktok.

  4. Andy Coleman

    i play harmonica, i got like 40,000 on my first harmonica vid, i haven’t checked my like, comment, or views in like. 3 months. i’ve been posting other stuff just out of sheer idea and just not
    really caring, basically jus having fun.

  5. hbomie1111

    Coming from a painter bondo is not the answer. It will shrink and crack and it isn’t weather resistant without some sort of sealer over it. Use silicon it’s cheaper 😇

  6. Maddie N Alex


  7. JustinSwayne

    Where are you sourcing this information? Like how do you KNOW, without a SHADOW of a doubt that this is EXACTLY how the tiktok algorithm works? How do you know everything about it without having something to go off of?

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