alternate title: confusing people who aren’t on tiktok for 8 minutes straight

none of these are my videos!

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  1. Lilly van den Dikkenberg

    Omg. That "Hey whatchu got on?? don't worry bout it sweetheart!" One- I saw that in a dental thing ad-
    Like a kid shows up to school with some braces and a girl says
    "Hey whatchu got on??" And then the boy turns around and says "doing worry bout it sweetheart don't worry bout it ✨"

  2. MIM

    Camp rock was so lame with that keyboard solo…black boys couldn’t even stay on beat 😂.

    And not bhad bharbie talking about basic when her entire face is a copy and paste of basic yt girls.

    Y’all could have left out the Kanye and Chris brown clips…you’re either too young or lame for not knowing those 😂

  3. BeanieAnimates

    2:55 ?Bro I don’t even know the girl in that music video is but I know she ain’t talking thee’s 7 girls In my middle school that look like they’re her children like the exact same person as her but more younger bro. Once again I don’t even know anybody in the video>

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