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today i looked at the most hated girl on tik tok, althea420, not to be confused with the most hated man on tik tok, andrew curtis, honestly this ones a bit of an exaggeration but all good titles are. i often think on the moral nature of career on youtube. I dont feel particularly guilty about thumbnail title combos in fact i think its part of the fun.

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  1. Xx_shadow wolf_Xx

    I watched another vid on 420 althea, and it seems that she shows a lot of monsters and brings up vapes and drugs and that Soo. I was wondering if althea does drugs and that's why she's so goofy and cringey in videos and .Also,if she does do drugs before her videos maybe she bribgs up vapes and that so ppl can join her or maybe she is being forced to do vids on tik tok

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