Tiktok is the worst app to have ever been created and it’s made Tiktok a lot of money

Tiktok culture is breeding a new age of Tiktok cringe. However Tiktok isn’t just cringe, Tiktok is ruining society. Tiktoker’s such as Charli D’Amelio and Bella Poarch are promoted because the Titok algorithm rewards hedonism. However, Tikok’s design is also ruining generation z’s attention span and destroying their short-term memory. But as Tiktok culture distracts you with Tiktok’ cringe videos, you’ll be to consumed to read Tiktok’s privacy page which admits to sending all your data back to China’s government, too notice. This is why Tiktok is cancer. Tiktok is a psychological weapon and we have to stop watching Tiktok videos/memes.Because Tiktok is destroying education. This video details how tiktok makes money.


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  1. Mya♡

    Yes agreed people are starting to become more rude by using these social medias and my friends started hating on me for not liking this app and now i am homeschooled they were all fake friends i am honestly upset and now people are starting to make serious issues as a trend!? DUDE LIKE MY CLASS WAS MAKING SOCIAL ANXIETY A EDGY THING AND THEY MAKE FUN OF ME FOR HAVING IT I HATE PEOPLE SO MUCH HONESTLY.

  2. lain

    People think drugs are physical things you consume, but a drug is something that alters your mind or body on the chemical level. Entertainment is a drug as it literally affects your dopamine and serotonin, effectively giving everyone some degree of ADHD symptoms, and TikTok is the equivalent of heroin.

    I say this as an addict of alcohol, nicotine, and anything that I try even once: Don't do drugs, stay away from TikTok. Disregarding the fact that it's literal malicious spyware run by the Chinese communist party designed to affect the young generation in the West, nothing about it is good for you. The entertainment is weak, you scroll for a long time before you find anything even half decent, and you don't actually learn anything from it. So many little "educational" accounts that feed you absolute BS, and by now your attention span is so sapped you can't even get yourself to learn if it's true or not.

  3. Arnica Machado

    I'm a gen z Indian and I'm honestly so happy that our govt banned tiktok, but unfortunately, we got reels and shorts now to replace that. I've recently gotten tired of using social media and I've been using it far lesser than I used to and it feels great to spend time doing more worthwhile things. I'm glad I still have my attention span lol.

  4. The Hypest

    But what do we do, I went without a smartphone for a year and it made me so depressed, so lonely, you can't just go without a smartphone in the modern age, that guy in the video was right we can't just roll the clock back,

    I don't know how to stay grounded in reality anymore, the world is a horrible traumatising place, a big artifical rat cage, I can't stay grounded without having continuous breakdowns weekly, it's exhausting

  5. Xteve Tyler

    Tik tok was established by china and notice the ccp approved site features wholesome people behaving in a wholesome way that promotes the states values and encourages family and state, where the rest of the world it's out put is as vulgar and destructive to our moral beliefs, designed not warp and destroy the west whilst building theirs up,
    Avoid tik tok it's poisonous and yt shorts is going the same way, down the drain.
    I have avoided these vacuous mediums with all my might and if you have a working mind and moral system then you will block and ban tik tok from your family, but explain why don't just block it, that will only make your kids desire it more

  6. TayoEXE

    As someone who actually suffers from addiction, it literally is a drug. Even more than YouTube. Dopamine rush, that sense of instant rewarding feeling. It becomes a dependency, and TikTok is designed with that exactly in mind. It's sickening.

  7. HarmonicGray

    The worst part is if you try to explain this at all, it's just 'Ok, boomer. I bet you think video games cause school shooters too' just like how any conspiracy theory, no matter how much information is available, is met with 'Lol I bet you believe the Earth is flat too.'

    It is entirely black or white with these people. Us or them. There is no gray, if you suggest that something may be harmful in large amounts and they like that something, you are just a nutjob.

  8. Rarity

    Living without TikTok, I realized that the application itself became a medium that was almost close to the gathering place for inappropriate content enthusiasts

    They do this for only 1 "Popularity" thing, even if it has to create content that contains pornographic elements

    I hope the TikTok must be banned

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