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  1. Preppyruby2

    Ok y’all need to hear this….as a Scorpio why do people always think that I’m dark and rude like I l love the color pink and I’m really talkative and most people think that I’m dark mysterious and rude when I’m the opposite like stop

  2. animefreak423

    An aries sibling is actually the worst, also I'm a scorpio and once you get us to open up to you and trust you we will kick the butt of anyone who hurts you. This is me and the other scorpio`'s I know so this is probably most of us not all

  3. Fiina Heita

    I don't get why ppl don't like Geminis I cried when I told ppl I was a gemini because they just treated me bad but I don't care and ur all lying no zodiac is the most hated I don't care what those ppl care im myself I don't need them and im living my life rich so I don't care what ppl say about Geminis if ur a gemini don't care about what someone says ur special in ur own way love u guys bye

  4. ʕ⁎̯͡⁎ʔ༄

    Me having a Virgo mom and a Aries sibling :oo but fr me just being like 😐 everyday ppl think I’m emotionless- that’s just my normal expression help- but true I’m and introvert in public imao

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