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  1. atlas

    help i just asked my step mother what she thinks of trans people being misgendered and she said that she’s still gonna call them by their deadname and use the wrong pronouns because she said people shouldn’t have to CHANGE THEMSELVES to make OTHERS feel comfortable tf am i supposed to say to that??

  2. WireframeArson

    ok but the funny thing about the tiktok at 2:28 is that "you" is already plural lmao
    "he/she DOESN'T mean that!" and "IS he/she doing ok?" vs "they/you DON'T mean that!" and "ARE they/you doing ok?"
    This is why I find transphobes so funny- They/them was used to refer to a singular person long before you/yours was, that's why we had thy/thou- that was how you'd refer to a singular person if you wanted to talk to them

  3. Brown Cat

    Ok I need advice real quick please.

    Ok so I maybe have a crush on this girl in my class (I’m a girl) I know she’s not straight. I wrote a valentines slip that my school are giving out for her. I just wrote ‘you’re pretty’ with a heart (I hope that’s enough!) I didn’t write my name on it so it’s anonymous, she’ll receive it in 3 days and I really nervous! Help!

  4. Nada

    I am a theoretical physicist and I have some propositions for Einstein’s name as a drag queen: Berta the energy b!tch ,Velocity , Acceleratina, Marry Square , Black ho!

  5. GayFrog Ribbit

    "To: Tara

    You are a beautiful person. Seek and find God each day. You will do great and mighty things. Take some time and read 1-2 chapters each day. Be Blessed!" -in the book

    "Be encouraged each day =)

    Read the books of John, matthew and luke. Heart of Jesus(??)

    Encouragement=read psalms 31, 27, 119

    Wisdom= read proverbs

    God bless you!" -in the note

    WTF is wrong with that teacher?

  6. Anja

    I thought the one with the butch girlfriend at the airport was gonna go that they pull the girlfriend towards the conveyor belt because she's a lap top…

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