I did not copy or repost someone else’s work, this is the original video that started the trend.


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  1. Hollynn Ragland

    I just want to make it known for the people saying I stole this idea that the whole thumbs tiktok trend came from me. I was the first video and everyone has credited me. Look at the dates of the post and you can see for yourself. Please stop saying I stole an idea. This was my idea.

    Edit: I’m not saying I hate that it’s a trend. Im glad it became one. Im only saying this so people will stop leaving extremely rude hate comments saying I stole my own idea 💖😭

    Look at the date of the original video: https://vm.tiktok.com/ZTda7NoCh/

  2. Hanie Pascua

    I prefer this original version because it shows more dynamic and change, it changes from one generation to another by the change of facial expressions and the way each queens pass her crown to the daugther. ❤️

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