Ce week-end, la @Premier League a débuté avec des matchs incroyables. Premièrement, Pep Guardiola a @Man City qui a l’air aussi pointu …


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  1. TheLumberjack

    The thing i love about this City is that there is always depth on the outside of the ball. At time the fullbacks or midfielders would recieve the ball almost at the outside of the pitch. At those time Grealish and Foden would always make sure they made depth and width. So other players centrally could recieve the ball. At so many other teams the attacker would move inside killing the space. Same when Foden and especially Grealish get the ball. The other players make depth outside of the ball, creating space. I saw Shaw earlier at United doing the complete opposite every time. Making it impossible for United to find space on the wings. City really are the masters of always making space for eachother.

  2. Tactical Touch Grass Roots Soccer

    Pep's formation has been around for a long time in England I was a right back and we had a centre half, right and left half, inside forwards ( you call half space) two wingers and a centre forward. Alf Ramsey changed the formation in 1966. What software are you using.

  3. amphiphil

    Narrow fullbacks seem great against a 4-2-3-1 since you can either directly find the winger or the unmarked players in the center. Playing around 6 opponents with one pass and enabling crosses for haaland sounds great. However, Pep might choose a different set up against other formations.

  4. Magik Mykel

    Nice and simple explanation with no fluff. I enjoyed todays game and can’t wait to see the season progress with Harland in his new home and how they evolve as the season goes on.

  5. excellency28

    Teşekkürler analiz için.
    Çok doğru. Çark hala dönüyor, Bayern çok üst seviyede ama City gibi Şampiyonlar ligi kupası yok, bu oyun stili ve planlamalarına rağmen çok büyük bir eksiklik bence.
    Yoksa City, Münih hatta Psg için sadece lig mi önemli.
    Peki sizce?

  6. Oscar Fernando Flores García

    Thanks James, looks like the video ended inadvertedly. I'm interested to see how Man City deals with high speed counter attacking teams, having 2 due to both full backs being inverted instead of just 1 could expose them at the back, imagine Zaha or Saint-Maximin with that space.

  7. ang san

    Thanks for the analysis. It would be nice if you take a look at Bayern's offensive organisation without Lewandowski. Against Eintracht Frankfurt they had 5 different scorers.

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