In this video I tell you why you shouldn’t have multiple TikTok accounts.

It actually can cause you to get shadow banned.

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  1. IDEK

    From experience, there was a time engaging on multiple (liking, commenting sharing etc.) was an effective way to kickstart promotion of your TikTok’s within the algorithm. If that answers your question towards why people would do it. However, I think they have majorly cracked down on this now

  2. Squicchie

    how about if I have a TikTok and TikTok lite on my phone and only one account on each app, each account has their unique type of content and I don't use them for fake engagement. Will that be okay?

  3. Airat Fajinmi

    What if I have two businesses and I want it to be professional …. I want them separately and I have only one phone…..please how do I go about it?
    I want to have 2 different TikTok account for my two business

  4. a C

    I want to have more than 1 tik tok accounts for different topics. Can I do that and not engage them. Also do I need different emails or numbers.

  5. Trollfest23

    So, just to clarify, is it ok to have multiple accounts that I’m managing? I have same content done in two languages, so I post in both simultaneously. I also visit one account from another, but don’t “like” content, just see what it looks like from a viewer. Does that count as engaging? Thanks for the video.

  6. Unusual Creatures

    I run a successful tik tok account for what I do for work but I want to add another one for the exotic animals I keep, adding a second account would affect my first account? I want to keep both separated and have 2 types of audiences. Pls reply!

  7. Floyd Glenn

    1:56 – ok, I'm not doing ANY of that – wouldn't even think of it seriously no.
    But – can I still have more than 1, especially when I want to keep them separate?? ! I. e. Business, and Family or travel, etc. (business & Personal)

  8. B Phifer

    I’m trying to figure out Affiliate Marketing. I wanted to target 2 different niches so I tried to create two different accounts across social media sites. I used different emails but the same phone number because I didn’t know better. Now I can’t access one of them. I’m not sure what to do.

  9. Conspiracy Journals

    I had a feeling I was shadowbanned so I made a new account using a vpn , posted the same video to both pages.. the new one with vpn got 1500 views overnight, the other account the video got 1 view … so def shadowbanned so frustrating

  10. Amir Karim

    This is such a clickbait video, how about two separate account that posts different genre's… What you're talking about is having multiple accounts interacting with the other to fake it till u make it…

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