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Quoted by her recounts to gunniessworldrecords.com, she said, “I first realised that my eyelashes were growing in 2015. They continue to grow slowly, becoming longer and longer…”

She further spoke about having sought the advice of doctors, but they were unable to determine the cause of her extending eyelashes. She said, “I also looked for scientific explanations, such as DNA or other factors. But it can’t be explained because no one in my family has long eyelashes as I do,” she continued.

According to You Jianxia, the eyelashes were a “gift bestowed by the Buddha.” “I started wondering why I have such long eyelashes, and then I realised that years ago, I had spent more than 480 days on the mountain. I so convinced myself that the Buddha must have given me my eyelashes as a gift.”

READ: 7 Celebrities That Made Huge Impact In 2021

She stated they bring “just joys, no difficulties,” when asked if the eyelashes bother her. She continued, “I would want to say to other people who have special beauty – let us rejoice together and promote happiness.”


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Additionally, she thinks that her eyelashes offer her strength. “My long eyelashes and stronger body might be related in some way. Although my current health is fair, when I was born, it was not. I feel really well right now, and a lot of people say I look younger.

Meet You Jianxia, the Woman with the Longest Lashes in the World

Picture of the woman with the longest lashes in the world

She continued by saying that she does not require eyeliner or eyeshadow because of the eyelashes. “My long eyelashes from nature serve as the long eyeliner.”

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