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  1. Pika_Prince

    10:44 top right corner denki would just randomly go "oh no~" in like a teasing/mischevious way which would make someone else say it in a confused/questioningly manner and then either bakugo, mina or jirou would say oh no in a tired kind of "welp looks like this is happening again" sort of way an then kiri just smashes through the wall going "OH YEAAAAH!!"

  2. Bailey Sizemore

    0:58 LGBTQ+ is e all right, i am in love with my bestie, i do not have many bestie, i am very insecure, and yes emo phase, i am decent at singing, i have never died my hair tho so i guess I’m kin to kiri! Lol😂

  3. Kaori puppy (a y/n)

    Me: Sharky, hop in the water!
    Sharky 🦈: nope, nuh uh!
    Me: then I'll drag you in!
    Sharky 🦈: AAAAAAAAAAAH! *Quirk activates*
    Me: FUCK! IM COMING KIRISHIMA! ok, that was a bad idea, a really bad idea… I'm sorry sharky
    Sharky 🦈: it's fine… I never learned how to swim…
    Me: start slow.. try doggy paddling! That's how I started!

  4. Deam Alyahya

    I AM a kiri kinne but I still simp for both kiri and suki (sharky and boom boom boi) XD

    plzzz "do u still have eyelashes?" got me dying

    Keep it on you are so amazing and talented i looove your vids I even liked and subed congrats u have a new subby woop woop!!

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