Kelly Clarkson loves a competition, so she takes on three trending TikTok challenges to try for herself. Turns out they’re a lot harder than they look!


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  1. Ambzer Ambzer

    The double emoji hand thing, if you’re good at it, I’d like to recommend you give sign language a try, you may become good at that… And it’ll be nice more people learn to do it

  2. JA

    LOL you are always showing your fans the sunshine ☀️ on a rainy day.
    I need to hang with you for a while so I can bring sunshine into my life and come out of a dark place I’m in
    Love and Light

  3. gertrude sullivan

    From what I can see if he knows sign language then it would be very easy all you need to do is sing along with the music and do the signal in a fast motion that's my opinion practice practice practice however I don't know sign language 😉

  4. paul taylor

    some like you meet up free you zoo lock down il chicgo code19 wounds out sick lost family canser cry way some pass on up beet on it now all my friend pass run in too you zoo tick tenn hot women friendship lv hug xoxox lv long meet you way back planed side track nbc cbstvvads

  5. Stella Scrappy Crafts

    the last guy was cool.. love your show and I remember you from your first edition and you sat in the judges chair. You haven't change from that day, still real and down to earth. from Brisbane Australia x

  6. Janet Stanley

    Nothing you do doesn't make me laugh to see you try priceless points for trying 100 for all three 70 that's passing keep practing the hands kelly better luck next time O C in the house love janet

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