hit you with the blick Lyrics

i’m at your door, i got a f*ckin stick
i’m in the kitchen w-w-w-whippin up grits
you already know when i do my sh*t
i got my f*ckin stick

and when you f*ckin boy
i hit your a** with the glits, rits
i got a sneeze, damn
your head built like a f*ckin d, damn

that mean the d*ck
stankin a** b*tch
i hit you with the blick

hit you with the blick
hit you with the tricks
tell the b*tch she better
keep me out her f*ckin mix

i don’t give a f*ck b*tch
suck up on my d*ck, wh*re
i don’t give a f*ck
i eat the cookies its smores

Hit you with the blink tiktok song

Hit you with the block TikTok song

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  1. Shutey

    It’s pissing me off for real I need to figure it out..!! it says at first…. “stanking ass bitch I hit u with the blick” then it says after dat “hit u with the blink hit u with the tricks” so does it both say blick or blink seems like ppl have different things wrote for the lyric it sounds like it says blick then 2nd one says blink I don’t rlly no just wanna figure it out

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