There doesn’t seem to be a lot of reliable info regarding the tiktok account warning issue that a ton of people seem to be struggling with, including myself. Allow me to share the info I found.


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  1. Stephanie Zaragoza

    I got an acct warning( and went back on all ny videos that were violated in the past and deleted all the videos and a day later my account warning was removed. But a month later got a violation again….. and received an account warning again, but it's there and my violation was appealed and removed , but my account warning still there

  2. Chelsea Harrison

    I’ve had 3 videos reported all which were restored at the end of August. The “Account warning” is still there but none of the responses I got from the TikToK team member Kam was able to justify why the “account warning” must remain. They have since stopped replying to me. When I was doing a live my account got banned, and I had to submit an appeal on that and explain the continual issue I’ve had with mass false reporting for “Minor Safety” they restored my account but since that I have not returned to TikTok and I’ve hid all my content until the issue is resolved. Clearly, this is such a popular issue that so many TikTok creators have I don’t understand why TikTok has not come up with better solutions.

  3. gtazonedaily

    I’ve built my account for nearly 2 years with 700k followers and is sucks that I will just lose it for no reason because you can’t contact Tiktok. All my appeals have been restored. Best thing to do if you ever get banned is move to YouTube shorts because tiktok is an L for community guidelines

  4. أخبار سريعة

    I had it twice…once on my old account that was banned due to violations…..and second on my new account. Now it has been 4 months and my account is still warned. I got two violation. and now I decided not to upload anything for 2 months. This is ridiculous.

  5. Relax

    its weird so i was averaging abt 1k 2k views a video then once i got the account violation one of my old videos odly blew up and currently has 674k views but what i would recommend trying to do is wait a couple months then email tiktok asking if they can remove the account violations because you haven't got a video removed or had any problems since you got it and see how that pans out.

  6. Daniella the Creator

    Hey! So I just received the “account warning” today but just coincidentally hours after a video of mine went viral. They tried about 2 weeks ago to ban my account but when I appealed the video they restored the video and gave me my account back. Now randomly it’s this annoying account warning tag on my page smfh


    WAIT WAIT WAIT, so I have an account with 166k followers I have the warning I recently got it and most my videos have been restored, but are you saying while you had the account warning you got multiple violations and didn’t get banned?

  8. AeSucksatIDV

    i made a video setting my boundaries for my account like who im comfortable with following me and whatnot but my videos kept getting taken down anf then BOOM account warning. tiktok’s dumb man.

  9. Subha

    Hey guys, i had same problem "Account warning " but my account is on private I just upload my picutres i sent report as you said on august 26 th but now august 30 its look same should i have make a change in private or is that okay my account is in private or i have to put friend only? Please some one help me its all my son videos i dont want anything bad happened to my video.

  10. Jujuswrld1

    my platform was growing at the fastest pace when i first started in november i have now 22k and have had a account warning for 5 MONTHSSS i haven’t done anything wrong i report nothing i legit make dance videos nothing it effects my reach and i’ll have videos blow up but stop bc tiktok stops pushing it i haven’t had any new violations this is legit bs🤦🏽‍♂️

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