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Hey my friends! It’s been over a year since I started getting requests to review the 75 Hard challenge that’s been going viral on TikTok. It’s supposedly a mental toughness programme even though I’m 100% picking up fitness transformation / weight loss vibes when I look through people’s interpretation of it! I took on the challenge for 48 hours and added my thoughts at the end (: I hope you enjoy it!!

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  1. Carolyn C

    I did a workout for the first time in months tonight. My face looked a lot like Natacha's in that first workout. Even though the intensity of our workouts are different, seeing someone like her still wincing and pushing through the discomfort makes me feel so much better about my workout journey. It's never gonna feel like a walk in the park!

  2. Talia Hunt

    I’m up to the cold shower part and THAT is dedication. The water, the workouts, the food etc is one thing. But the cold shower, for FIVE minutes is the one thing that so many people would just be like nup not a chance.
    I haven’t heard about this Tik tok challenge thing but I don’t understand how ANYONE who calls themself a health, or fitness professional (whether they actually are or not) could use a method designed like this, for 75 days? It’s not sustainable, or even practical based on the human body!

  3. Mary Senum

    I remember when I first started eating “healthier”
    It was really more I got too busy to eat and protein shakes were fast. It took me almost a year to realize I didn’t have to mix with water. Aaaaabsolute game changer lol

  4. Paige M

    First of all I love your videos! But I just wanted to speak on this as I’m 100 + days into 75hard – I understand what you’re saying about 75 hard not having a lot of direction on certain things, but like the creator says, it’s a mental toughness challenge. Why should he provide everything to you up front? Isn’t that easy? And how could he provide guidance when everyone’s goals are completely different. It’s also defeating the purpose of the challenge. I also understand what your saying about over training, but it’s not up to the guy who creates this challenge to look at you on day 40 and say “hey maybe talk a walk today for 45 instead of this crazy workout you’ve been doing” it’s up to you, if you’re over training, go on a walk. That’s part of the mental aspect to this challenge is getting in touch with your body and your mind and knowing how to tell the difference, and which to act on. -He also says you should talk to your doctor or confirm with someone how to make sure you aren’t going to hurt yourself. Part of the mental toughness is finding out what diet works for you, what workouts work for you. A diet doesn’t necessarily mean eating in a huge caloric deficit and training weights every single day. It could be calculating how much protein you need to consume for someone who is working out nearly 14 hours a week and getting that protein in daily. That’s a diet. Finding out how much you need to consume to gain weight is also a diet. Workouts include weight training, walking, running, biking, yoga, any form of working out counts. For those peeing every other hour, you haven’t been drinking enough water and that’s why now that you are, your body is telling you. – and those who truly complete 75hard normally keep going, because it’s such a beautiful structure to keep up with. It is a lifestyle, and that’s why completing all phases is called live hard, and meant to be done every year. I hear everything you are saying, but everything you’re debating when it comes to the challenge, is a mental block you’re putting up. It’s a mental toughness challenge so you have to do research and work hard to make sure you’re doing this in a healthy way which takes effort. Also you said “that was so worth the sacrifice” which to me, shows that same mental block, because the challenge isn’t a sacrifice, it’s giving you so much more than it’s taking from you. – like I said I hear everything you are saying and I know you want to make sure people are aware of the things to look out for so they don’t hurt themselves, but the presentation of it just came across like it’s so hard to do research so you don’t harm yourself and it’s not. ❤ I just want people to see that, all these holes in information up front are meant to be filled by you, for your situation, for your goals, and what’s healthy for you if you’re serious about this being a mental challenge which is exactly what it is.

  5. MortonLifestyle

    Be careful with the water I ended up in the ER for drinking 3 gallons of water in less than 3 hours make sure you space it out when drinking that much drinking too much at 1 time is dangerous and I literally almost died that day.

  6. Emmie12Rainbow

    I did this 2 years ago and boy do I have mixed feelings about it. I think my biggest issue is the guilt that you feel if you mess up, and have to completely start over. I think it’s such a negative way to approach a healthy lifestyle by shaming yourself for doing something wrong, and it’s what’s lead me to my unhealthier approach to eating.

  7. Taylor Bartels

    When I did 75 hard I made one of my workouts either a walk or yoga, and then the other workout high intensity hahaha. And on a "rest day" I did a walk AND yoga and called it a day 😂 definitely not hardcore gym twice a day for 75 days! Also in the rules one of the workouts had to be outdoors! To encourage you to get outside in fresh air each day etc 🙂 still hard 😂

  8. louzid

    Hey, I tried to find out more and was wondering what kind of „diet“ this is and how you came upon that otherworldly workout.

    As I see, many people do it for being more attractive or thinner and it’s TikTok itself how gave the whole thing a weird spin – the rules seem to be rather aimed upon changing you in one of these black-belt-vegan-straight-x-kind of guy who love making pathetic posts about discipline and achievements on their social media. Seeing the guy i am pretty sure that „diet“ is not „starving“ for him.

    Adding about 2 hrs physical
    and 1 hr reading to my daily habits would indeed turn my life upside down entirely, starting from the fact that I never plan ahead more the 30
    Minutes 😂 and probably have to look for another job. Working in Nightlife&events seems rather not compatible – so I guess the 6 rules themselves are actually not so unclever when it comes to transforming. The failure thing is very two sided, if you stick to it – it might resolve into a very healthy new lifestyle with one or the other cheat day. Or you end up with a up and down thing which simply lasts foreeeeever 😉

    So I am still trying to brush my teeth 75 nights in a row with no chocolate after 😉 so I don’t do this kind of stuff I am rather the „I ride my bike everywhere“ person or a no-Guts-for -meat-This-Week-person but surely not someone who does the same thing every day or follows any ideation strictly.

  9. Natalia Hatuntzev

    This "transformation" program is really the opposite of a healthy transformation protocol…. It promotes a dangerous "all or nothing" mindset and a LOT of obsessive behaviours.
    I can't believe it's actually popular today… I guess I hoped we evolved a bit more i our warped perception of health.
    How's a chocolate chip is a deal breaker, but a chocolatey protein bar is OK?!?!
    On a different note, I really want to know where this grey leopard set is from =)

  10. Hannah King

    No but the gallon of water a day doesn’t work for everyone because it can be severely dangerous. If you ingest too much water for your body you can actually drown yourself. Like this gallon a day trend needs to stop. Just drink till you feel hydrated!

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