Learn How To Update Tik Tok On Iphone And Get All New Features. This is the correct way to make sure you have the newest version so you can discover brand new options in the app. Most people stop at searching for the tiktok update but you need to click on the logo and then it will show you sometimes a different option as it has just refreshed when doing so. This is why many people do not get the most updated version. They see open when they search for tiktok update and then cose it out. As you will see in the video update will not aways show right away, this is usually do to the phone cache needing to be cleared and this is why i always clcik on the logo and not open.

0:00 Intro
0:17 Welcome
0:49 Follow these steps
1:18 Don’t Do This To Early
3:20 Verify
3:49 Closing remarks

(Equipment Used To Make This Video:)
Blue Yeti Usb Microphone
Ring Light
Canon T7i
Apple iMac 27-inch
Thumbnail Editor I Use

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  1. Rapper facts

    I have a question for you I have the newest update. I used to be able to record in different voices, but then I clear the cache then I was no longer able to record using other voices

  2. Hazifa Rashid

    I still need help tho because I use Tik Tok on an iPad and I've tried that on App Store a lot of time just to update Tik Tok and it's not showing the update button. Please help me and tell me why it's not showing and telling me to update Tik tok please. I really need to update, Thank You! Hope you make a video replying to my comment. Get back to me soon Bye.🙏🙏🙏❤️💖

  3. Nivia Lagares

    Hi, would like to know if I get my TikTok updated on its gonna give me back my followers? Because I have a lot of followers and getting more and more day by day, but still not showing up the right numbers but going down

  4. Sharon H

    I posted a video where everyone was able to see it and after a day or two I tried to post a new video and Somehow I must’ve made the first one a “A Story” now no one can see it but me. When I scroll over I can see it and play it but it’s darkened with the archive symbol with “Stories archive”. Please help

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