You can see your watch history on TikTok using an option inside of the TikTok setting.

If you wanted to see all the videos you’ve watched on your TikTok account, you can actually request your entire history on TikTok, directly on the TikTok app. This file will show you everything including watch history, liked videos, and all your TikTok activity.

You can simply download a zip file to your phone. The request does take up to 4 days or longer before you can see the file though. And make sure to download your TikTok activity before it expires or you’ll have to go through the process again.

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  1. Black Rose

    It doesn't show all video in video browsing,ik bc i wanna fid a video and ik exact date but video browsing stops before it even got to the same month,as if i haven't watched video before that

  2. SalesPros

    Very elementary my dear Watson…. just type anything in a search bar , click search, then two bars with a dot will appear, click, then select –> "watch video for the last 7 days".. done …… you're welcome

  3. Chef K

    Tiktok is so BS about having a watch history that you have to go through what is essentially a legal process ("I am requesting my data and by law you have to give it to me") just to find that one video that vanished from your fyp

  4. Cacheymama

    My verification through Google isn't working. I get through the login successfully but then when i click verify and download, it says failed to load user profile. What am i doing wrong?

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