Want to recover your TikTok account even if you don’t remember your email or phone number?

There are two simple methods you can try to recover your TikTok.

Method one is using the TikTok app and pressing the question mark on the TikTok home page.
Select Logging in and follow the on-screen guide.

The second method is by contacting TikTok. Search TikTok feedback on Google.
You need to tell TikTok what happened to your account and that you want to recover it.

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  1. TheBudManuel

    I tried to put my username to my old tiktok account but it’s saying that they can’t find my username even when that’s literally what my tiktok username was. Can anyone help with that cuz I want my account back but tiktok is being a pain


    I'm with ought most respect and love for this man, who have been constantly doing good job for people out there, protecting their dignity and working through any device just to satisfy human social problems in Recovering account. You are the best. if might wanna need him too, search him through !G


    As a person and professional you can't get anyone better than OFFICIAL ISRAEL KENT cause he is a very reliable person and an excellent professional in the IT. If you wanna find him you can create a new !G and seach for him. He is the type of person you want to work with that's passionate, hardworking and knowledgeable. You're the best 100%

  4. Instagram Instagram

    It’s not fair to lose something that is so much important to you, it hurt a lot don’t be worried about your account. Miracle happens when fx_cybertch is involved with your account management may have suspended issues may are worried but hope is not lost with them you are covered and you still have 💯 hope

  5. Aris Hartman

    WHAT IF IT'S SUSPENDED!!!? It's getting deleted tomorrow, I've been asking for help forever, and they keep ignoring me or telling me to sign an appeal when they won't let me log in 😭😭😭😭😭

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