Do you have more than one TikTok account and want to stay logged into both at the same time? Watch this video to learn how to switch between TikTok accounts!

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To sign into an additional TikTok account, go to your TikTok profile page. Then, tap your display name at the top. Tap Add Account. At the bottom, tap Log In. Then, sign into your additional TikTok account. If you set up your account with one of these partner login options, you can sign in through Facebook, Apple ID, Google, Twitter, or Instagram. Otherwise, select Use Phone / Email / Username. Enter your username and password, then tap Log In. After that, both your original account and your additional account will be logged in to your TikTok app. To switch between them, go to your profile and tap your display name. In the pop-up menu, you can choose which account you want to switch to.

Note: Currently, the maximum number of profiles you can be logged into on one device is 5.

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  1. TashaB

    i have 2 seller accounts on tiktok. i have never used the one. but the one i use via tiktok app, will not let me login on the seller app! keeps taking me to the one i dont use?

  2. Co wy

    I had a tiktok account linked to a main one, but. When i deleted tiktok and redownloaded it, the link tiktok account got lost. I still have my main but i cant log into the linked one anymore. I tried logging in by username but when i use the linked accounts username it just logs into the main one. Any suggestions on how to solve this??

  3. White•Rose 🤍

    Hey, I have a problem I have 3 account on mine and I'm stuck logged in on one, whenever I try to log back into my main it keeps telling me that I had too many attempts and to try again later. It's been like that for a day now. Do you know how to fix it?

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