This video covers how to get followers on TikTok fast in 2022. If you want to gain over 100K followers overnight on TikTok you need to watch this video. It’s going to help you get Tiktok followers faster in 2022.

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  1. Veronica Viccora

    1. post 3-4 times a day (waiting an hour between in each post)
    2. post at the right time
    3. continue to do what is working
    4. pay attention to details when recreating a video
    5. use a call to action


    Ur right bro. I'm so used to creating on youtube that i put most time in editing. I want to spend most time posting. Watching other video concepts 2nd & Creating ideas and concepts would be 3rd

  3. chasmlore

    “Quantity over quality, guys!”

    multiple looping, glitched clips, verbal transitions completed disconnected from what preceded them

    So what you’re saying is “if u want 2 be success, just remember: Art is Dead.”

  4. ProLine Digital Products

    Robert, I have to say I've watched many YouTube videos and I have to say your advice is nothing short of amazing! Wish I would have known about you a year ago! Just enrolled in your mentor ship program. Looking forward to knocking it for a Grand Slam!
    Thank You brother 😎

  5. JoshyPoshyVR

    I really like your videos…I think you bring a ton of value, but I gotta ask….why do you clickbait your titles and thumbnails so hard lol? Not once did you mention getting100k overnight you just presented overall growth techniques.

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