How Often Should you Post on TikTok – It’s Not What you Think //

Would you like to learn the secrets to knowing how often should you post on TikTok? Many of our clients are asking how to get more views on TikTok and I’m going to reveal the secrets of the TikTok algorithm. Watch this video to learn the newest TikTok posting hacks, including my number 1 tip on staying consistent.

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00:00 Intro to Posting
00:30 4 Key Points
00:50 How often to post
01:24 When to post
03:13 Kind of content
03:23 Get more views
03:49 Batch create
04:03 Equipment
04:43 Creation process Step 1
05:10 Step 2 – Filming day
06:00 Step 3- Edit
06:41 Getting more followers


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  1. eva hayes

    Omg I'm laughing my ao because the toilet part is so relatable, yet irrelevant to the jist of the topic. WHAT I AM I? YOUR THERAPIST!? ok now that you got that off your chest….continue…

  2. Smart G

    I have a 34K tiktok account and j post about 6-9 videos a day bout gameplay, but they only get 20-50 views each. Some say to post a lot more videos to get audience but I am thinking to change my niche, but I think it will get less views then. PLEASE HELP ME

  3. Wandering You Travel Agency

    Hey Elise…I'm loving all the great ideas from the "banks" I'm in! I do have one questions and I actually started a TikTok experiment. I recently heard from another social media source that TikTok is going to start looking at original content more and not so much the tending stuff. Is this true? I sure hope so because I'm definitely not a trendy person!

  4. Jesse Mendez

    Hi Elise,
    I'm not sure if you'll ever read this, but I just wanted to say hi nice it is to see your content and your aura shine through on your videos. Amazing how well you organize your videos and also how informative and entertaining. Being 68 this year I wonder where I fit in this world of digital technology. My energy came from the thousands of people in the audience who fueled my energy. Now in this electronic age I'm at a crossroads of doing something different in my life. .Even though I don't make any videos for TicTok I feel that maybe this may be the direction my life is going into. As an entertainer for many years in the music arena I have more knowledge of live performance which may help in moving in this direction.
    In any case I really enjoy watching, And thanks for sharing the cool videos.

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