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  1. Vixx Celacea

    A lot of these are a combination of weight loss and cosmetic surgery (There are some changes in noses and eyes that absolutely aren't explained by puberty, just straight up) and before people get on my ass about stating that, why is that a bad thing? If all these objectively attractive guys are born perfect and puberty just blessed them, that means that others can't copy it. If it's surgery and weight loss, those are two things everyone can do. Hoping you had good genes is completely out of your control. Make up, fashion choices, being in shape and surgery are all things anyone can do.

    I'd also like to remind people that tiktok is the same as any other platform. Pretty people get the most attention and will skew the actual existence of the majority in how they look. Most people in all of these countries(Japan, China, Korea either in the country or the ethnicity) DO NOT look like this and most are wearing makeup/contacts and are in really good shape (don't underestimate those as part of anyone's attractiveness or even your own. It can make a huge difference, especially in your face if you are in shape.)

  2. Neelam Khan

    All handsome guys are only exist in Chaina I was about to go to korea when I became 19 to becam a kpop and now I am 17 looks like have to go chaina…😑 like srsl they are sooo handsome

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