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00:00 – PHONK · all alone(prod. donttrustthem)
02:02 – Lil Baby Boy · INTERVIEW
03:48 – drift phonk x cowbell type beat · paranoia (prod. luka burr)
06:19 – House Phonk · 2pKov
10:45 – Drift Phonk Type Beat GUNS ON GUNS (PROD. SH4RD)
12:40 – 𝐄𝐓𝐘𝐉𝟑𝐓 · CLXSED
14:25 – Eliminate · 37R
16:55 – zero.x47 · Evil Shit Phonk Tape 13 TripleSiX Type Beat
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  1. YourPfpIsCringeNgl

    "I will stare into your soul if you try to fight me"
    "If you want yourself alive, back up"
    "If I get serious, I will rip your body and lungs and every part of your body"

    Say these words to scare your bully.

  2. Shady Krypticsszz

    Just started my fitness journey, my genetics are to fucking blessed for me to sit around and do fuck all, Im 18 years old, 6 foot 2 weighing around 100KG. In a way my weight is a blessing as its time to turn it into muscle :))), first things first drop to 85KG then start shredding. Wish me look bois. (ps reason i started now is im going on holiday to spain in 3 months)

  3. Asma leeman

    Im 12 year old boy gained lots of gains working out with friend everyday my goal has came true in zyzz name i became someone i never expected
    To be… if u select your goal focus on it only become a god

  4. LaSantaDiabla

    Im a girl, this playlist makes me feel like a man. This is amazing. Pain makes me angry and anger makes me stronger. Being stronger makes me workout harder. I utterly fucking love this. I feel so badass in my room rn. I can kick anyone into another dimension fr xd

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