Are wondering why you are getting 0 views on your TikTok? Everyone seems to be having a great time going viral on TikTok with millions of views and you can seem to get just one! I know it’s very frustrating. That was me about 3 weeks ago and now I have over 40k followers with over 2million views on one of my videos! In this video, I will share with you exactly what I did to break that 0 views cycle! If this helped you be sure to like, share, and subscribe.

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  1. Wall Rose

    Please help. I have 3 videos since last week and they got 1 or 2 views- all from my fam. I tried searching my videos on the search bar also and I can't find them. Still really 1 or 2 views and it has been like this for DAYS. Please help. Thank you.

  2. iiAzura

    Okay, idk if this has happened to anyone but I was getting over 200 views for almost 3 days on my TikTok account for my kitten named Snuggles. I always post 1-3 times a day and when I post in the afternoon the videos always blow up during late evening or nighttime. Yesterday, I verified my email and started to get less views. My last 3 videos got 52 views, 5 views, and 1 view. Has this happened to anyone else after verifying their email?
    No, I’m not shadowbanned cause nobody has been spam liking.

  3. hi wazzup

    Hey i did a experiment today that ive put all my account to my brothers device then delete the tiktok app in my phone and redownload it then made a new account but i still get no views. + the video that i post is from my old account i just reupload it

  4. hi wazzup

    Oh no i think you didnt see my comment so i put here 😅

    hey what if it dont work in a week do i delete my account, cause ive tried a lot of times and i still get 5 below views and my account is like 6 months now and my friend started tiktok 2 months ago and now he have 165K followers what do you think? should i delete it? Cause im being lazy to make vidz if i get 5 views below lol OR I WILL delete all my vids? Idk help 😃 + i make a lot of accounts right 1 of them i put it in a 2nd device then its still 0 views while other people gets 600+ views 😒

  5. hi wazzup

    Hey yes, i get 0 views but sometime i get 5 below views from my followers, do i delete my account and make new one?

    Your tips:
    1.) yep i deleted them now
    2.) i switched to creator > business account but i have no business 😅
    3.) Yep im using EVERYDAY
    4.)i record in tiktok ( ill try to do the green screen one)
    5.) ill update my bio now


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