A great song naming all fifty of the states within the United States written by Ray Charles.


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  1. RASHID top videos

    Us states:
    Alabama arizona arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Tennessee Oklahoma
    Maine kentucky kansas texas Oklahoma Florida
    Goergia Hawaii idaho ohio marland rhode
    Iowa Missouri Mississippi new york Nebraska
    Nevada montana Washington Oregon
    Virginia west Virginia Tennessee south dakota
    North Dakota utah new jersey Indiana Illinois
    Michigan minnesota Massachusetts new mexico
    Pennsylvania vermont Wisconsin new Hampshire
    Love island puerto rico howland island jarvis island
    Baker island

  2. gerardwayseyelash

    Had to memorize this in 5th-6th grade to sing in front of parents and then the next day the whole school. I'm in 11th grade and I still remember the song fluently lol 😂
    Edit: We all used to laugh at Idaho 💀

  3. Myittaaa

    I forgot the first part but I start at Fifty Nifty United Sate from thirteen original colonies Shout em scout em Tell all about en One by one 'til we've a day to every state in the US.. Alabama ….. from middle school 😂🥲

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