L’équipe de l’ESPN FC réagit à la victoire 2-0 d’Arsenal sur Crystal Palace pour lancer sa campagne de Premier League 2022-23. #ESPNFC …


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  1. Oladele Adebayo Johnson

    sometimes I wonder what Steve Nicol watches but, we arsenal fan appreciate your degrading comment on our performance. We would surprise you lot soon.

    Liverpool drew with Fulham does that mean they are not better than Fulham?

  2. olusegun okuboyejo

    Even Lebouf was finding it hard to praise his countryman Saliba 😁
    What else do Arsenal need to do? Even Champions City couldn't beat Palace both home and away last season and they even lost to them at the Etihad.

  3. Ido falah

    Well if you want to be logical so bad let’s be logical. “Arsenal play at the same level as last season therefore the won’t get top 4”. The only problem with that claim is that Arsenal already got more point against palace than they did in the 2 games last season. I think that’s called improvement but because I’m not a pundit and don’t look for big statements all day I’ll just say it’s a step in the right direction.

  4. Jonathan Julian

    What a joke!! To play the opening game of the season, away, and still being able to walk away with 3 points and a clean sheet, that should tell you everything about this team. Arsenal will be top 4 this year!!

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