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  1. Dawn

    The love story:
    She is best friends w/ Hermione.
    Her enemy is Pettigrew
    Hermione becomes her crush.
    Fred/George asks her to go to the Yule Ball
    Hermione proposes to her
    Hermione dumps her at the wedding
    She ends up with Harry Potter
    PT 2
    Hermione left her for Ron
    Harry & her move in with Lucius Malfoy
    Pettigrew becomes her bestie
    Harry cheats on her with Lucius
    Pettigrew helps her feel better and they fall in love
    PT 3
    Hermione covers up Harry & Lucius's affair
    Lucius helps her sneak out of Malfoy Manor
    Snape helps her take revenge on her Exs
    Sirius black helps her get a job
    She gets back at Hermione by developing feelings for Ron
    Her secret sibling(s) is/are George and Fred
    PT 4
    Her father is Lucius Malfoy
    Snape takes her in, and they fall in love
    Snape helps her frame Hermione

  2. Michelle M

    Oh that walk rage is so relatable. Although I've had it both ways where I'm annoyed someone is walking too slow but also I'm annoyed when I'm walking and someone rides my ass especially when I move over as much as possible. Yet they still can't seem to pass me? I'm large but I ain't that large 😐

  3. Trinitee

    Did you know the reason Snape hates the Golden trio is because
    Harry has green eyes
    Ron has red hair
    And Hermione is a muggle born
    If you add all that all together you Lily Potter

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