China Zombies Video Goes Viral on TikTok and Twitter, Watch Real Life and Full Truth Here.
Internet users have been left unsure after rumors of “zombies in China” began trending on social media especially on the video-sharing app TikTok after videos and reactions have been shared about a so-called “zombie outbreak” in China.

While zombies may be a pop culture favorite, there is no evidence that there has been any such in the real world—but that hasn’t stopped people from sharing their reactions online.

#ChinaZombies #ZombiesChina #ZombiesinChina
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  1. Siertje

    hahhahahaa almost the entire world is full of zombies because they do NOT have the flesh and blood of Jesus Christ and with that being said i mean the Second Coming Christ.
    hmmmmm…everybody who stood up ..sits down immediately..hmmmm.
    yes they live among us. maybe you are a zombie too ??
    we live among the dead.

  2. Asia Quintana

    This is not true the video that the man who woke up at the morgue is fake the video is made in Russia and someone has change the title and post it on tiktok. Guys don't worry we are safe


    China has started testing EVERY FISH FISHERMANS CATCH for "covid".
    they shut 17 major cities in China, I'm starting to think something is going on in china which they're hiding.

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