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Presenting the 11th volume of Ben Shapiro reacting to insane woke TikToks!

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  1. Holly Hills

    Foster care child here!!!!!!!so happy I was born and I have PTSD from something that has nothing to with that experience actually I thank God for my foster mom!!!!! So happy I was not thrown away!¡

  2. Keekee

    Texas banned abortions for women even if they were raped or the baby is a product of incest. I cannot believe they went that far. More women get abortions for reasons other than rape than women who get abortions because they were raped (I’ll give you that). However, a woman should not be forced to have a baby if it was the product of rape. May woman who get raped aren’t even women, they are girls. They are too young to properly care for the child and are already traumatized by the experience. Ben Shapiro, do you think rape victims should be able to have abortions? I can respect for general opinion that abortions are immoral. I don’t agree but I understand why you would think that they are. But I cannot understand how someone could think that rape victim should be forced to carry the baby to term.

  3. Aelar Lightbringer

    I'm not really right-wing, but the editing on this is phenomenal 😂
    Seeing Jewish people dancing to Meshuggah in a Ben Shapiro video is unexpected and awesome, and the "Grievous" clip also stood out for being entertaining

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