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  1. Dounothisgirl

    I feel ya pain bro! I always 🤔 I wud have someone in my corner 🤣 ya no when u r there for everyone n all the things u do good seem to go un noticed by anyone n u feel like what do I do it all for y do I treat others the way they want to be treated but I keep giving and giving n I don't 🙈 my return on all the things I believe God considers well done 👍 so I prayed to God my heavenly father who is the only one that has never left my side he is the peace that keeps me alive. So I had a dream and I was looking into a house an everyone was happy an passing out gifts to all their family n friends n I just cried cuz I've never had that really I have a huge family but no one knows each other anyways so after I cry for a Lil bit I feel a heavenly peace come over me and this bright bright light all the pain I had ever felt seem to leave and I heard a voice saying come my child let's take a peak at your rewards and you may know that all you do is never forgotten then I was in a shiny beautiful place but I wasn't walking and it wasn't smoke all over no I was being held by God I all of a sudden saw a place that look like my home but a way better version of it and everything that I love to do as a person like from a child on up to now it was all there for me like the best Christmas ever all in one it's hard to explain it but the feeling I had was I was going to be very happy in heaven for a very long time because there was so much I could do like a kid in a candy store type of feeling so if u don't feel worthy of this world just know there is a God in heaven who loves us dearly and he is Recording everything we do and one day will reward us if we first believe that he is God every Creation has a Creator remember that when we go to sleep where do we go? Cry if you have to it's healing for your soul and laughter is good for the heart!!!

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