7 Women and a Murder is a classic film noir directed by Richard Quine and released in 2021. The film tells the story of a group of seven women who become suspects in the murder of a wealthy man.

The women all have their own secrets and motives, and as the investigation into the murder progresses, it becomes clear that each of them had a reason to want the victim dead. The tension mounts as the women try to outmaneuver each other and the detectives trying to solve the case, all while trying to keep their own secrets hidden.

The film features a talented cast of actresses, including Marilyn Monroe, Ann Dvorak, and Claire Trevor. Monroe plays the role of a young model who is one of the suspects, and her performance is both sultry and enigmatic. Dvorak and Trevor round out the cast as two of the other suspects, each bringing their own unique style and charisma to their roles.

As the investigation unfolds, the women’s motivations and backstories are slowly revealed, leading to a shocking and unexpected ending. 7 Women and a Murder is a must-see for fans of classic film noir, as well as those interested in strong, complex female characters.

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7 Women and a Murder (2021) Download Mp4 English Sub
7 Women and a Murder (2021) Download Mp4 English Sub

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