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  1. JME

    just a couple tips i've found useful, when you make fast tempo dnb, add an amen or jungle drum loop just before the drop for just for one or two bars, if you tweak it a bit and get it to work then it adds so much to the drop.
    also if you pair this with cutting out all drums on the first bar or two after the drop it sounds good. if you do that you could leave the kicks in too that also seems to work.
    im not the best producer by any means but i do listen to dnb way too much i know my way around a stinky dub tune👀👀

  2. Wzroq Wzroq

    Any tech geegs that could maybe gimme some tips of how to connect ipad to rc505mk2? Wanna ise turnado app to effect rc505. I am much of a noob.(rc505 mk2 is also an audio interface)

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