Have you ever been scared by TikTok? Keep watching to find out three TikTok horror stories that will scare you to death! Subscribe to Anna Horror Stories for more creepy content.

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  1. MayaPlayz

    Kelly: some students say when u cross the bridge u can hear a women scream.
    Me: i be hiding under the cover on my bed and my mind be like: why the fuck did u watch this

  2. Akhter Nasreen

    Not gonna lie but I feel like someone is also stalking me through Youtube. I may be wrong but there's this one person who's pfp name starts with 'F*ck me' and he is replying in every one of my Youtube comments! But with different accounts.
    I wouldn't be scared if it was just in a specific content but it seems like that person is everywhere! He reply's to my comment in my favourite singer's channel, Dharr Mann channel and even all the other Youtubers I watch!
    In his pfp name, at the last it says to check his profile. But I've decided not to do it just to stay safe. I don't know who is this person and why is he stalking me but I gotta be careful not to post any comment that may help him locate me…

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