3 Disturbing TikTok M*DER Cases That’ll Make You Feel Sick

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  1. greendesert69

    well hello, why would a sane woman ever marry a guy named Ali? hmm.. "born in a muslim family". oh thanks but no thanks. I know from experience that muslim (and even ex-muslim) inlaws are a REALLY BAD IDEA. most of them are textbook narcissists, have huge insecurity issues and generally have zero respect for anyone else's decisions or any laws. Americans should have a "muslim narcissist automation deportation" law. Never EVER trust a m00slime

  2. gunsnrosesforever100

    If you use the words thriving, queen, mental health break, self care or social media influencer you need some serious therapeutic help. Not those get a degree online in 3 weeks councelors either I mean like the type who has the power to lock you up if you crazy

  3. Angel

    What was the motive though for the 2nd little girls death it makes no sense some guy just randomly opens a door and kills ? How did he know it was her and not a family of 5 ? And the mom is stupid but she just lost her daughter , looking to blame everyone but herself

  4. Angel

    So the first one , do you really think women invite men over while they are basically alone , the little kid doesn’t count once , and are just friends 😂 she was definitely gunna get piped and he’d hear it all

  5. Coco Beeynum

    My mom always hosted slumber parties for me growing up. She printed out or emailed each parent an itinerary stating where we would be at and when with addresses and phone numbers. My mom also paid for everything food, entry, tickets whatever, some girls brought extra money for souvenirs but my mom always made sure that she would buy a group souvenir and photo so everyone still got something. At 20 my mom got a hotel suite in Hollywood for me and 6 friends for the weekend. She stayed in the hotel with us (in her own room) and drove us around to each of our various exercusions. She made sure we were safe and accounted for at all times. It sounds lame to some but we always had an amazing time and there was never an opportunity for us to be taken advantage of or in danger. She let us have some freedoms of course but she was never too far😂 That's how you take care of other people's children!

  6. Nemesis Prime

    The richest people who passed through this world they all have already been dead and can't even spend a cent of all the wealth that they had …. because death has taken them leaving everything behind…. but some humans are still killing others for that … They are not learning a thing about it, they are only living for the moment…..what about the judgement!

  7. Nemesis Prime

    The world is full of a lot of bad, evil and wicked people, …..because their hearts and minds are very weak.
    I don't see why some people have to be killing each other over, little things, jealousy , vanity, and money when you have to die and give God an account of your sins.
    Leave people alone, if you're in a relationship it's not working out….get out without killing your partner, if you are the problem fix yourself.
    This is why i don't want to be in any relationship that's dark and bitter, I don't even go around another man's woman, some people are too negative for me, so I'm leaving them to their own kind.

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