TuTu Dance presents Lipstick, Shoes & Fancy Moves 2018,
An Evening of Americana & Dance at the Armstrong Theatre,
Torrance, California ~ www.tutudance.org

Stayin’ Alive and I Will Survive are the heart-thumping disco anthems featured here as we bump feverishly along into the ’70s with the ‘hustle’ and ‘soul train’ by the Hollywood Hotshots. Look out for the ‘worm,’ breakdancing, and other dance moves.

Disco gets its name from the dance clubs in which it originated, where records were used instead of live bands. Disco can be seen as a ’70s counterculture reaction to both the dominance of rock music and the stigmatization of dance.


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  1. Bill Nelson

    Minn Vo and Stefanie Vo have enhanced Lester Wilson's classic moves with their own unique disco steps. To do this right, you need to incorporate shoulder and hip snaps into the execution; these dancers have been well trained. This is very successfully pulled off all the way through——Bill from Pennsylvania

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